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Please feel free to take a look at my website. This site was created to express myself with little words and great feeling.

Letting you know about my personality, my passions and dreams. Hoping to enhance your fantasies, stimulate your mind and reach you on a level where rationality is not so important anymore, but feeling and sensuality speaks. Can you feel me?


About me

I live and work in two completely different places: in the beautiful and more laid-back city of MUNICH, my favorite city in Germany. It is a place of great spirit, lively history and deep, intensive beauty. Because of my current work spent half of the month working in the busy city of London.
The two weeks within the month which I spent in Munich, I try to enjoy highly. Munich has "soul".
I am a very passionated, rather emotional person, full of life and energy and easily to be inspired for the beautiful things in life, not obviously only material things. My birth sign might tell you already my story - I am a scorpio

Working in the busy field of tourist industry has brought me in many different countries in the world, I love traveling and enjoy the variation of culture. I speak 3 languages fluently and consider myself being a great conversational partner.

I love to laugh, feel and to be conscious about sensuality, erotic. Sensuality to me is a key opener to the beauty in life, open enough to feel with all senses, one is able to gain it all.

I do have an opinion to life and politics, Am rather selfconscious and sometimes the rebellish inside of me still strongly fights for my believes in life.

My Style: sporty-elegant, body-conscious, open-minded, open. I like my body, and to dress up. Phantasy is important and the courage to learn to let go. I love  to seduce and to be seduced, I love the erotic game between a man and a woman, to build a high passionated time. Dating you means, to open the door to an intensive, passionated time, exclusive and close. 

I am fascinated by art and paintings, people, music, concerts, fine cuisine.

My profile

Nationality: German
Profession: Tourism Specialist
Age: 42
Hair-color: blond, long, naturally curley
Eyes: greenish cat-eyes

Clothing Stlye: sporty-elegant, sexy, stylish, tasteful, seducefull
Height: 5,8
Weight: 60 kg
Dress size: German: 36
Bra-size: 75c

Languages: German, English, Russian, Finnish
Interests: Dancing, Politics, Sports, Art, Music, Theatre, Travel, Fine cuisine,
Food: Thai and Japanese, Italian, French cuisine

Parfum: I love Tom Ford: Noir de Noir; Byredo: Gypsy Water, Bal d`Africe
Flowers: Lilies and white roses, flowers are always beautiful when received


My Rates

Dinnerdate up to 3 hours: 300 Euro

Sensual Girlfriend-Erotic

Private Time:  
2 hours: 400 Euro
3 hours: 500 Euro
4 hours: 600 Euro
5 hours: 700 Euro
6 hours: 800 Euro
Enjoyable Overnight:  
12 hours: 1000 Euro
14 hours: 1200 Euro
18 hours: 1400 Euro
24 hours: 1800 Euro
Lovely Weekend: 2500 Euro
Per Extra day: 800 Euro

Travel Fee

Munich: + Taxi
up to 100 Km: Taxi or rail- or flight ticket
+ 100 Km: 100 Euro plus train- or flight ticket + taxi
Europe/International: 200 Euro plus train- or flight ticket + taxi

Contact & Booking

Since I am in Munich only partly, please contact me as EARLY as possible, if you are asking for a certain date. To know whom I would be meeting, please provide, when writing to me, details of the planned date (Hotel, Date, Duration) and some information about yourself. I only meet Gentleman! No InCall. I do travel too, please ask me for more information.

Feel free to contact me via my » online application form or just write me an » E-Mail.

I am looking forward in hearing from you soon.

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